Software crisis: Software a crisis on the horizon | Types, reasons, examples, and more.

Software crisis is a term, that very first introduced around the 1960s. Engineers faced many difficulties during the time of the development of software. That’s the reason it is named as like Software crisis.

Software crisis simply means the difficult phase may be after or between the period of creating software.

Types of software crisis:-

As we read about the software crisis. Now we’ll understand the types of software crisis, as given below:

Lacking budget:

This type of crisis could be caused due to the lack of budget. Like as, a budget was fixed to develop a software but, it takes more to develop the software. It could be the situation of software crisis.

Lacking communication:

This type of software crisis could be caused due to the lack of communication between company and a user of software of the company. Even after the sales.

Hardware and software compatibility issue:

This software crisis can be faced due to not using a compatible software for the given specs of hardware or vice-versa. In this case GPU or RAM or CPU or any other hardware or software compatibility issues can be found.Software crisis: Software a crisis on the horizon | Types, reasons, examples, and more.

Reasons for a crisis in the software industry:-

• It could be an issue in compatibility of the software with the existing hardware.

• The reason could be the change in the needs of customer.

• More complexity in the process of development of software may cause crisis.

• Being over priced could be a reason.

• No customer service/bad customer service.

• Mismanagement of clients by company and more.

Above mentioned reasons could cause crisis in the software industry.

The main impact of the software crisis:-

The impact of software is clearly visible in the form of losing time, money, clients, deals, and some times even lives.

But the errors or bugs user found or the needs of clients change or due to the saturation of market or could be the reason of software crisis. The reason of error could also be at the end of the owner company of at the end of customer but company must to resolve that.

By this we can understand the impact of the software crisis.

A real world example of software crisis:-

The IBM OS/360 Project (1963-1965)

This ambitious project was undertaken by IBM to create a single operating system that would run on all mainframes manufactured by IBM.

While operating systems that can run on different models of computers are commonplace today, at one time this was a very novel idea. IBM was offering half a dozen mainframe products at the time, and each had is own, incompatible, operating systems.

On April 7th, 1964 IBM announced a new line-up of products – 6 models of computers, with 44 peripherals, and all were to be compatible with each other!

The new OS/360 would make this feat possible.

This could be an example of software crisis and provide ease to understand software crisis. For this and more examples click on link given below.

(More examples)

Responsibility of software crisis:-

As we have already read about software crisis but we must be aware of that, who is the real culprit of this.
Is customer or company or someone else or something else?

One can easily blame company, that the company does this for pulling the money out from customer’s pocket and as like that company may blame their competitors for adding bugs in their software.

Or sometime it can done by mistake from customer’s end.
Anonymous people can also do this via internet. There could be any reason. But in most of the cases company take the charge and solve the query of the user.

Software crisis: Software a crisis on the horizon | Types, reasons, examples, and more.
You can easily get solution of your queries or any of the problem you are facing, during the interaction with software. Simply, by contacting customer service department of the company. They’ll solve your queries according to the guidelines of the company.

How software crisis can be avoided:

Software crisis can cause loss of finance, time, and more. So, it must be avoided.

It can be avoided from customer’s end and also from company’s end. The main culprit of software could be virus or bugs or small programmes made for destruction.

To avoid it from customer’s end you should follow given steps:

• Buy software according to the specifications of your hardware

• Always scan external storage devices, while connecting to main device

• Download or use trusted sources only

• Read user manual carefully

• Not try to fix issues by yourself, always contact customer support department of the company

• Never violate company policies

• Always purchase software from authoritative owner

• Keep your software up to date.

To avoid software crisis from company’s end company should follow given steps:

• Always attach Frequently asked question (Faq) with your software

• Always make a customer support team available for the help of the customers

• Always provide user manual

• Provide more content about the use of software

• Make policies clear to customer, while they purchase software

Software crisis: Software a crisis on the horizon | Types, reasons, examples, and more.
• Provide bug-free experience to customer

• Always make new features available

• Keep software industry standard.

Here you have read more about how to avoid software crisis.

After reading this you must be aware of all the methods one should take to avoid software crisis. By the understanding of these methods you would be able to avoid software crisis even if you are a customer, a software developer or a company.

Software crisis problem and causes:

The problem of software crisis, as we already read is faced at the end of company or customer or development team or individual and individual interacting with software. This problem can cause damage in the industry, as we already read by understanding the real-life examples of software crisis.

The causes of the software crisis could be the lack of knowledge on customer’s end. This could happened due to use unknown or denied sources to let access the software, or run an external storage on device without a scan for virus or bugs.

Any of these could be the cause of software crisis.

As we already know, that this problem can make the experience of individual or the company worse, because the one who is facing this problem can face different destructions. The problem could be caused by the gap of communication between development team and customer or the user and the owner company.

Here we understand the problem and causes of software crisis.

Here you read about software crisis. To read about more different topics you should click here.



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